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Penfold World Trade (Penfold) markets, trades and invests in the minerals and metals industries globally. Penfold principals have a core competency in language, experience and contacts in selling to China as early market entrant there, as well as traditional markets elsewhere in Asia and around the world.

Penfold principals each have decades experience trading non-ferrous, minor and ferrous metals, ores, and concentrates in Asia and across the globe. The Penfold team of trading, traffic, research, financing and hedging personnel engage in the following core activities:

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Concentrates and Metals Marketing

Penfold provides concentrate sales agency services to both new and established mining companies around the world. Penfold’s agency services include pre-market strategy and market analysis, negotiation with potential offtakers, and execution work involving logistics, trade and finance documentation, disport supervision and hedging.

Principal Trading

Penfold is active in trading non-ferrous and minor metals raw materials, providing financing and offtake surety to producers on one hand, and reliable, consistent supply to smelters globally. Penfold has a track record trading dozens of metal materials with banking support to match.

  • Concentrates, Bullions and Refined Metals
  • Iron Ore
  • Minor Metals
  • Precious Metals
  • Silver, Gold and Palladium as recovered by-products

Trade Logistics

Penfold’s experienced traffic team provides advise and solutions for moving and storing raw materials by sea, rail, truck and air, including strategic cost comparisons netback review. We leverage our contact network of freight forwarders and warehouse operators to achieve efficient, swift and safe movement of materials.

  • Shipping and transport
  • Warehousing and Security Vaulting
  • Inspection and Assay Report
  • Precious Metals
  • Letters of Credit and Trade Documentation

Research and Analysis

Penfold conducts ground-up supply/demand analysis for a full range of commodities to support our trading and investment work. Penfold further undertakes market reviews and offtake strategy recommendations for feasibility studies for new/expansion projects as part of our pre-marketing services.

Resource Investment

Penfold has a track record evaluation, investing and raising funds for project involving exploration, near-term mining, tailings recovery projects and distressed production assets across the metals spectrum, including iron ore, lead/zinc and minor metals.

Community Services

Penfold was a major contributor in the construction of a school near Nandan in the northern Guangxi Province in China. The school is in a remote mountainous area inhabited by a local ethnic minority. Penfold further has donated to a college scholarship fund for students in southern Hunan Province in China for the past several years.


Penfold and its affiliates have offices across the globe.

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